February Randomness

The temperature in my town is supposed to be in the upper 60s on Friday. The sandals I ordered should arrive Thursday. Timing is everything.

The Daytona 500 is Sunday. I am quite certain I’ll be watching it.

Warm weather and NASCAR races are sure signs that spring is coming. It might get cold again before April but I am an optimist who is always looking for signs of better things to come.

The gym is usually crowded on Mondays but there weren’t very many people there last night. Is February 14th some kind of holiday or something? -:)

Several people at work celebrate birthdays in February and we usually have ice cream cake on those days. Good thing I went to the gym yesterday.

Some good blues bands are playing in my area this month (and next). Looks like I’ll be busting my budget.

Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor turns 50 this month; actress Jane Seymour turns 60.

Some tech geeks will remember February as the month iPhone became available for Verizon users. Next February those same tech geeks will be crying because their iPhone will already be out of date.

This February is the month I will finally get a smart phone to replace the cell phone that can only make calls and texts. Which smart phone I get will be determined by how good my negotiating skills are (some are just way too expensive). My current phone is great, by the way, but a smart phone is almost a necessity in my line of work; however my negotiating skills are not quite good enough to convince work to pay for my upgrade.