Holy App!

Need to go to confession? There's an app for that. Catholics and those who study that brand of religion will either laugh or be offended. Please tell me you have a sense of humor. Catholics can now confess via their mobile device. I can hear it now: bless me Father for I have linked.

OK, I borrowed that last line from the headline in a New York Times story about this new confession option. Hmm, I wonder if reprinting without permission is a sin. At least I am reprinting with attribution.

As long as I am quoting, here is a re-written prayer, copied from that article.

Our Father, who art in pixels,
linked be Thy name,
Thy Web site come, Thy Net be done,
on Explorer as it is on Firefox.
Give us this day our daily app,
and forgive us our spam,
as we forgive those
who spam against us,
and lead us not into aggregation,
but deliver us from e-vil. Amen.

CLICK HERE to read the whole article, especially if you are or ever were Catholic. I grew up in that faith so I remember confession well. It was always a challenge for me because I was one of the ‘good boys’ in school (boring, I know but trust me, I’ve lived a balanced life since. Think about that for a minute). If the worst sin you could think of was being angry at your sister because she took the last cookie, how do you even justify going to confession? How many Hail Marys does it take to forgive minor sibling anger? Maybe I can get the answer to that question on a web site.