Stay At Home Perspective

I took the day off work today. That was not my original plan but it turns out I really needed the relief.

The decision was actually based on a suggestion by my boss. I told her some of the issues I was dealing with this morning (the short version: my car wouldn’t start again AND I also had to run a long, convoluted series of errands to fix a different problem that should not have even been mine to begin with) and I explained how I would handle my work till I could get into the office. She suggested that I just not come in today if necessary, as long as the critical work stuff was handled in some way. Best thing I heard all morning, up to that point.

I was able to do some of my timely work remotely while waiting for the tow truck. They arrived just as I reached a stopping point. One by one I was able to handle today’s issues. By 2 PM things settled down, critical issues were addressed and I was safely in my house just as a severe wind storm rolled in. I checked work email again, saw that immediate problems were solved by others and so I took a nap.

Normally I would feel guilty for missing the busiest day of my work week to handle personal situations but not today. I was at the break point with the crap of my week and tackling things one at a time in quick succession helped reduce the stress and enabled me to solve most of the problems.

I will have to go into the office over the weekend to catch up, but that is a small price to pay for sanity.