There Is Music Again

The whole situation in Egypt is both scary and encouraging. The scary part manifests itself on many levels. There are the obvious factors related to thousands of people trying to overthrow a government. Even when the intentions are good, such as tossing out a dictator, the chaos is dangerous. Another scary aspect is the possibility of an even worse governmental entity taking over to fill the power vacuum. That population’s goal is to have some form of democracy installed, but they are not at that point yet. And then there is the possibility of our own country sending in troops to ‘help’. It appears that will no longer be necessary, but in my opinion it would never be necessary, just as it hasn’t been in some of the other conflicts over the past few decades. Why should we be the world’s police? I know things are not as simple as I’m making it here but sometimes simplicity is the correct approach.

What is encouraging about developments in Egypt? The fact that their president/dictator finally did resign and a newer government will be formed. It is mostly the result of the population standing up for the right to govern themselves. The people wanted freedoms they were denied and now they may get them. We take some of our own freedoms for granted at times so this might be a reminder that we have it pretty good here.

Music is often at the heart of freedom and free expression. A Facebook friend posted this vintage photograph today … American Jazz musician Louis Armstrong serenading his wife in the shadow of a famous pyramid in Egypt during the 1960s. His caption: There is music again tonight in Egypt.