Totally Random 5.0

Had margaritas with some work friends tonight. I have great work friends. The drinks were good too.

Still no tunes in my car. I had an online chat with the local Honda dealer via their website. Weird. But “Kevin” couldn’t answer my question at that moment and I’m still waiting for their reply … and my sound system.

Super Bowl is Sunday. My 5th favorite team is playing. Not sure I’m going to watch, although I do want to see the commercials and the half-time show.

Many incomplete sentences in this post. My high school English teacher would be pissed.

I was thinking about my friends, the ones who are the emotionally closest but who all live so far away. The geographically closest of them live an hour away, the rest are spread out across the globe in North Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, Hawaii and England. They are a diverse bunch, mostly female, most in their 40s and 50s. The main two things they have in common are music and me. I met every one of them in totally random situations. I will write a book about it one day.

Fitness update: weight is almost back down where it was before the food holidays and I’ve been fairly consistent with my gym visits. Eventually I might actually look as good as all this fitness stuff makes me feel. My sister noticed the weight loss last time I saw her, which I take as a good sign because her main job is teaching fitness.