Totally Random 5.1

February 7th is boring. Super Bowl is past, NASCAR is future, and winter is still here. Why can’t it be April now?

Winning the lottery would be a good thing for me and my peeps and my causes. I would not be one of those sad winners you hear about who get so caught up in the money that it ruins their lives. Few people in my circle would even know. I’d help my sister and a couple of select friends who are struggling with finances, I’d get through a current personal situation much faster, I’d find a way to anonymously donate large sums of money to my favorite non-profit groups and I’d travel. I would keep my job for awhile but I’d change my job description a bit. My lottery prayer: “C’mon, help me prove good guys win.”

An acquaintance recently got an overnight job. I was telling him what I did to make my life relatively normal when I worked that shift. I skipped the part about how thirteen years later I still don’t sleep well.

Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Can’t get much more random than that, can ya? Did I spell it correctly?