Valentine Randomness

I am romantic. Yes, men can be romantic without giving up their ‘man card’.

I usually remember birthdays, anniversaries and preference details of women I like. I usually pay attention to what women tell me. No, I’m not perfect and my ego is not as big as this post makes it seem.

A female friend called me a ‘peaceful man’ a few months ago. I am that and sensitive too, but don’t ever confuse that with lack of resolve in conflict. I am perfectly capable and willing to beat the shit out of an adversary if I can’t find conflict resolution with words.

Love is a complicated four-letter word in the same league as jazz and rock. It means many different things to different people and there are many shades and degrees of love. Parent love, friend love, romantic love, love of country, “I love that song” love, sibling love … all of it involves caring and some of it involves chemistry.

I saw results from a survey on the Comcast home page yesterday called Best Cities for Love. It ranked American cities in various categories including social life, emotional health, single life, marriage and divorce. The city choices are a bit odd, in my opinion, but it turns out I have lived in three of the top ten: New Orleans (definitely romantic), Milwaukee (not so much) and San Antonio (I was in the Army there, so no love).

Flowers and chocolate are symbols of love but my Valentine preference is to send goofy things that make a woman laugh.

For some people, a typical idealized romantic evening begins with sipping fine win in an elegant restaurant with a fancy dress code. My idealized romantic evening begins with sipping fine wine while strolling along an empty beach holding hands with someone special and sharing a beautiful sunset. Music, laughter and other things come later and there is no dress code. Bonus points for sharing coffee and a sunrise the next morning.

I shot the photo that accompanies this post at Duck, NC several years ago. It is one of my favorite places for beach walking. Is it a sunset or a sunrise? Imagine the setting yourself; the reality of that particular day is not nearly as good as the story you create.