Weekend Thinking

What is your typical weekend like? Is it exciting? Filled with fun activity with friends; parties, movies, athletic pursuits, exotic meals? Or do boring-but-necessary activities dominate your Saturday and Sunday? Things like running errands, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, catching up on the sleep you didn’t get during the week?

Mine is mostly on the boring side and the older I get the less I like that. There are reasons not currently in my control that lead to some of my weekend scheduling and that will change this year. Meanwhile, I do routine things most weekends, sprinkled with the occasional fun activity with friends maybe once a month.

The rundown this weekend, so far: got my car radio fixed at a Honda dealer, shopped for groceries at two different stores, worked out at the gym, bought two bottles of wine, cooked jambalaya for dinner last night, solved some logistical issues in my house relating to a house guest who is recovering from severe back surgery, repaired a sticky garage door, started writing blog posts for the future, scanned and edited a photo for tomorrow’s blog post, took a nap or two, texted some funny stuff with a friend, spent way too much time on the internet and watched the news on television.

OK, that seems like plenty of activity and although most of it was routine it wasn’t really boring. But that activity list is not how I want my weekends to play out. Play is the key word here … I want to play on the weekend.

If I could design the perfect weekend, the list of activities would include things like this: hiking on nearby trails, riding my bike on the C&O Tow Path, taking pictures on the National Mall, seeing live music with friends, going to sporting events, movies or parties with friends. I do like my privacy and time alone and errands and chores are part of life, but the current balance is all wrong for me. I want more play time and more friend time. It annoys me that a simple goal like that has been so difficult to achieve.