Who Nose?

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s all in the eye of the beholder.” I have been contemplating a different one lately: “it’s all in the nose of the smeller.” Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard that one; I just made it up. It goes along with my question of the day: what is good fragrance for a cologne or perfume?

Brut and Old Spice were popular men’s fragrances in my youth and I’m sure I soaked myself in plenty of each at one time. Yuck! I hate both now and I bet women I know would agree. Tigress was the perfume my first girlfriend used and I have fond, unprintable memories related to that one, but I do not believe it is made any more. I wonder what my reaction would be if I whiffed that scent today.

So what men’s cologne is favored by women in this century? I tried many brands ten or fifteen years ago but gave up because I did not like any of them. My favorite non-cologne scents are coconut, pine and coffee but I’m not sure those would make for good manly fragrances. Axe is allegedly popular with young men, but I hear it’s a joke for any male over 22.

What women’s perfume is in favor these days? A female friend I only see once or twice a year uses one that is awesome. I don’t know what it is, but it is perfect for her. And that might be part of the answer to my question: different fragrances work differently for different women (and men) and preference is also determined by the smeller as much as the user.

I generally prefer fragrance-free products but the shaving cream, body wash and deodorant I use each have scents with marketing-infused names like Active, Arctic Edge and Vault. I have no idea if they are appealing or repulsive. I haven’t notice anyone steering around me in the hallways at work but I have not heard any ‘you smell good today’ comments either.

One thing I do know about fragrance: any deodorant scent is better than no deodorant.