Carpe Diem Update

A month ago I wrote about an attitude I was trying to adopt in which I would do at least one thing per day that is out of my normal routine. I admit I haven’t done much pattern changing since then but I instinctively have done a few things.

Different wines. I like merlot and cab savs, so I continue to drink them. Last year I added Spanish wines to my list and have always sampled pinot noir, shiraz, pinot griggio and chardonnay. Recently I added Zinfandel to the collection. I’m sipping one as I write this.

Workout routine. I got into a fairly specific pattern at the gym so I decided to break the pattern. I did a completely different routine during each of my three most recent visits, including today. A few more months of this and I might actually look like I’ve been going to the gym for the two years that I actually have been going.

My temporary SUV. The friend who died over a month ago owned an SUV. It has been in my driveway for several weeks and occasionally I take it for a spin. Did that today. I love my usual ride but I definitely miss having an SUV.

Ray. I posted something the other day about reading different types of books. But this week I did return to an old favorite: science fiction. Ray Bradbury is one of the best sci-fi writers out there and his work is incredibly vivid. That friend who died had an extensive book collection and Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” is among the books that were retrieved from her house. I started reading it yesterday. I haven’t read it in decades. Awesome stuff.

Another book. Also in the book collection that has migrated to my house: vegetarian cookbooks. I thumbed through one with Greek recipes and found something that looks good (and is easy enough for me to make). It’s on my menu for tomorrow. Wish me luck.

OK, I guess I broke my patterns more than I thought. It’s little stuff but it all adds up. Carpe diem!