This post is partly about creative aging, even though I still hate to admit that I’m over 50, uhh, I mean 40. If you’ve been following along, you know I’m trying to lose some weight and gain some strength, balance and the appearance of being in good shape.

This is me a little more than twenty years ago, when I was in pretty decent shape:

Here’s another shot (these were taken on a vacation to Jamaica):

This is me now:


did you



me to post a

current picture?

I’m making progress but I’m not quite ready to be photographed shirtless. Maybe this summer. Meanwhile, I’ll just say that going to the gym on a fairly regular basis for two years now is finally starting to pay off. I feel and see a difference. I’ll never be in the shape I was in my 20s but I’ll defy the stereotype for my real age. And very few people in my circle of friends know the exact number. I’m OK with that.