I Still Want To Go There

I was thinking about my friends on the Big Island as I watched a Hawaii TV station website’s live coverage of the first and second tsunami waves washing ashore yesterday. It was 9 AM where I was and 4am there. I wanted to call but didn’t want to wake them, although I was sure the tsunami warning sirens already had.

When we did make contact later via email I learned they were up. She had been helping out at the local radio station and online news service for several hours. I keep forgetting that her ‘retirement’ job is in the media, something she was not involved with during her career.

There was definitely water damage in Kona but she and her husband are fine. Their beautiful house has a view of the ocean but from a nice high spot well up from the shoreline. I am still hoping to visit them again someday, maybe next winter. If I’m lucky I can stay at their house again and not at an ocean front hotel in the tsunami zone.

Related item: The American Red Cross has set up several easy methods for donating money to help with disaster relief related to the earthquake in Japan and the tsunamis there and in Hawaii. The easiest: send a text with REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 will be donated to the relief efforts.

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