Just Positive Stuff

I've been posting plenty of frustrating and negative depressing things lately. Let me change that, at least for awhile.

Today is the start of 'meteorological spring.' The weather forecasters call this the beginning of spring but the 'official' start is March 22nd, which is only 22 days away. Spring is a great season because it signals the end of dark, cold winter. There is rebirth and color all over the place, which serves as the ultimate photo opportunity.

I'm going somewhere soon, for just a few days, to either mountains or beaches. It's a pattern-changer that will involve one of my favorite non-work passions: photography. First choice is mountains because they are more colorful.

Staring at women's breasts is apparently healthy for men, possibly adding years to a man's life. That story, claiming to be from a medical study, keeps popping up; I saw it again this week. And you wonder why I think I'll live to be 100.

If I thought the truck in this picture I took last Sunday was actually full of coffee I would have followed it to it’s destination.

Back to spring for a moment: the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC and the actually blooming of cherry blossoms is just a few weeks away. My camera and I are ready.