Other People's Agendas

Why do we so often live our lives on other people's agendas? Parents, friends, bosses, society - all are entities that influence our choices and often we spend so much time living up to or down to those expectations that we neglect our own goals and desires.

I have been lucky to dig myself out of that pattern in my professional life. I initially dove into my career against the advice of parents, the first media pros I met and even my first managers. More than thirty years later I am still in that career, at the top of my game. Many of those naysayers are doing something else. Plenty of my work is evaluated at the whim of others but I do get a great measure of freedom to reach their goals in my own way. The balance works.

Living on my own agenda in my personal life has been more of a challenge but I am determined to get what I want. Those who take the journey with me will benefit from my tenacity as I do from theirs.

In life you generally have to ask for directions from time to time, but you should strive to choose your own destinations, investigate the options for getting there then pick the routes you like.  Live on your own agenda when you can.