People I May Know

I stumbled onto an interesting part of Facebook tonight called “People you may know.” This feature now lists a link and profile picture for everyone you may know. The reason you may know them is apparently because you have mutual Facebook friends. I was surprised by how many hundred people I may know (and don’t, by the way) as well as who they are.

I did look at every name and picture. The list includes people I used to work with and like and people I used to work with and, well, don’t like. I saw former networking contacts, executives who have interviewed me for jobs (and did not hire me) and two former managers who I’m not sure I want to keep in touch with.

The lengthy list informed me that I may know some famous people like a guy that owns two local professional sports teams, for example, and the Governor of Maryland. I don’t know either but maybe I should “friend” them. Apparently I may also know a few attractive local female TV reporters; I would like to meet them but isn’t that just a little creepy?

Facebook is probably the most significant phenomenon in the history of the internet and as reluctant as I was to get sucked into it, I’m glad I did. I have re-connected with many people I had lost touch with and have actually grown a few friendships partly as a result of the regular contact and communication FB affords. I admit I spend too much time hanging out on Facebook but that’s my fault, not theirs. I am happy for the good parts of that crazy thing.