Sports Randomness

Despite all the fitness talk I spew on the blog I actually don’t play any sports. I used to run and hope to take that up again. I wanted to learn tennis but my recurring right shoulder problem combined with how ridiculously right-handed I am makes that a challenge. I used to bowl, but I have the same shoulder issue; at least that’s my excuse for not showing off how bad I am at bowling. Tossing a Frisbee is something I can do, as long as I’m not going for distance or accuracy; my dogs look at me and seem to say “hey, I’m over here – there is no dog where you threw that thing.”

I do, however, like to watch some sports, but not with the intensity of ‘real’ fans. I like basketball but haven’t paid much attention to March Madness yet. My 5th favorite NFL team did well this season but not the 4 I really like. Baseball hasn’t begun yet but at least I have a ticket connection for my local team; going to those games is a pretty good excuse to drink with friends outdoors.

NASCAR is one of my favorite sports to watch. I know, you’re thinking “but they just go around an oval for 3 hours.” True, but I like to watch the strategy, drama and crashes. I’d like to say it’s a guy thing but some surveys indicate that more than 50% of NASCAR fans are women. Maybe the drivers are cute; I’m not qualified to comment on that. Maybe the fan percentage will change if Danica Patrick figures out how to be as successful in stock car racing as she is in open-wheel racing.

Walking and hiking are two sports activities I truly do like and still participate in, at least more than the others. I started what I hope will become a regular thing by entering a charity walk last year. This week I’m signing up for another one. I’ve done plenty of tourist hiking over the past couple of years but hope to add trail hiking to the mix again this year.

The real randomness of this post is that I originally planned to write about today’s NASCAR race. Problem is, there is no race today. Hmmm, I should have known that. Guess I’m less of a fan than I thought.

Enough about me – what about you? Do you follow any sports? Do you play any sports? Just curious, as always.