Totally Random 5.2

I am warming up to the idea of socklessness. I wore my new sandals nearly all day Sunday, even though it was 55 degrees. My warm weather attire is usually shorts, low-rise socks and walking shoes. I usually do not like wearing sandals but these are great.

Hawaii does not recognize Daylight Savings Time, which means they did not change their clocks Sunday.

I just got the latest brochure from the place where I started Italian lessons a few years ago. I dropped out that time after only 4 weeks. I plan to start again next month and will not drop out this time.

Hawaii and Italy are on my mind because those are two places I want to visit. A ‘situation’ prevents me from booking either trip at the moment, but I am determined to find a way.

Arizona also does not observe Daylight Savings Time, except for the part that is Navajo Nation where they DO spring forward and fall back. If you take a summer drive from Flagstaff AZ to Moab UT along Highways 89, 160, 163 and 191, which take you through part of Navajo Nation, you change time zones three or four times and because the Navajo Nation borders can be hard to determine at times, there are times when you have no idea what time it is.

Yes, Arizona is also on my mind for travel dreaming reasons.

I‘m taking a 4-day mini-road trip in a few weeks. It might be my only vacation this year so I plan to fill it with photography, vino and laughter. And there is a good chance it’ll be warm enough for my shorts and sandals.

It is going to hit 75 here this Friday. Do you think I’m thinking about warmer weather?