Totally Random 5.3

Just a few random things swimming in my head tonight:

- Liz Taylor died this morning. I know who she is, know she is a famous and well-respected actress, know she had seven husbands during her life and actor Richard Burton was two of them, know she had a diamond collection, but I don’t think I ever saw one of her movies.

- There are storms in my area tonight. Great lightning show in Middletown Valley.

- Bought a bottle of Vampire Cabernet Savignon tonight. I liked the label. Turns out it tastes good.

- Went on a client call with a sales person from work today. The meeting only took an hour but the ride there and back was almost two additional hours plus 30 more minutes for a lunch stop. We had a great non-work conversation about everything from real estate to relationships. I learned about her boyfriend and her attitude toward dating and marriage. I have determined that when it comes to women, I am a sensitive, romantic caveman. Hopefully that’s a good combination.

- Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. Not much but any amount is too much for me right now. I am ready for 70s and 80s.

- That client meeting, by the way, was at a car dealer. I’m loving the latest Mustangs. I’m overdue for owning a mid-life crisis car.