Totally Random 5.4

* Fog and light snow were part of my ride home from work yesterday. March came in like a lion and is going out like a confused paranoid schizophrenic.

* Travel is one of my favorite activities but an upcoming 4-day road journey may be my only trip this year; although it is likely that I’ll play hometown tour guide for a few friends this summer.

* Sometimes reality is a pain in the ass. Specific case in point: too many things on my personal agenda over the next few months and I know from experience that prioritizing keeps me sane. Result: Italian lessons are coming off the list again, at least for the spring.

* Thirty years ago this week President Reagan was shot outside a hotel in Washington DC. He was only ten weeks into his presidency. He survived and went on to serve two full four-year terms. Tough old guy.

* If you want proof that country music is growing in popularity again, check out this sampling of artists from other genres who have either recorded country songs in the past five years or have had hit songs on the country charts because they did duets with country stars: Bon Jovi (duet with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland), Dave Mathews (duet with Kenny Chesney), Kid Rock, Cheryl Crow, Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow together, Kelly Clarkson (duets with Reba McEntire and Jason Aldean). Cher and Lady gaga are rumored to be recording country songs. Darius Rucker has successfully transitioned from lead singer of rock/pop group Hootie & the Blowfish into a solo country career. And don’t forget the country artists who also have had pop hits recently: Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift.

* OK, that last paragraph could have been a whole post on its own, but I’m featuring random lengths in this one, not just random observations.

* Almost spilled wine on my keyboard.

* Do you put decals and stickers on the rear of your ride? I did that for years, went for years with naked rear bumpers, now I’m sticking stuff on again. Just added one last week for a total of four. A friend sent me a magnetic ‘decal’ last year which would also be on the bumper except I misplaced it. It’s around here somewhere, I know it is.

* That’s enough randomness for now. It’s past my bed time, although I won’t actually post this till Thursday morning.