Writing Bug

Several months ago I went through a bit of writer’s block but another blogger (Eliz, who is now an actual in-person friend) suggested a few story ideas and I’ve been on a roll ever since.

Today I’m writing about writing, one of my favorite hobbies. I started this blog just over two years ago as a successor to my first blog and I am proud (and shocked) to say that March 11th was the 5th anniversary of my first post on the original blog. Five years of blogging and more than a thousand posts! Hard to believe.

I write and produce commercials for a living and I started this as a creative outlet to give me something to write about other than my most frequent clients (my radio station, a garden center, a window and door company and a car dealer) and numerous other one-time advertisers. I’ve written about aging, music, travel, friendships, NASCAR, dreams, myself, politics, religion, media and random things I see and think about. There is no compensation. I do this for me but there are actually a few people who drop by and read this stuff, for which I am grateful.

This blog has helped me keep in touch with two old friends and we’ve caught up in very interesting ways through this writing. One of them has her own blog. I’ve made and grown a whole new incredible friendship (the afore-mentioned Eliz). Apparently I have bored the original two friends who encouraged me to start blogging five years ago because they no longer read me. But I have seven followers, five of whom I’ve never met (thanks for visiting) and a few other folks drop by too (thanks).

Writers write a lot to keep the craft sharp but writers also read and my literary horizons have expanded thanks to suggestions by you. I used to read mostly biographies, self-help strategies, history and urban planning books (leftover from earlier college majors) and science fiction. Now I also read warped humor (Christopher Moore), intricate maybe-it’s-true fiction (Dan Brown) and contemporary mystery/drama (Julie Compton, who I discovered when she commented on one of my music-related posts last year).

I have been bitten by the writing bug and this little blog has rekindled my dream of writing for a living, or more realistically writing as part of my living. I have a long way to go before that can happen, but this is a pretty good start. Thanks again for your visits and encouragement.