Awesome Funky Pattern-Breaking Randomness

I needed to shake things up a little, change my patterns, and spend a few days breaking my usual routines. So I went to Asheville, North Carolina, my favorite funky little town in the mountains. If you’ve been reading me lately you know my choices for my own sort of ‘spring break’ were either ocean or mountains. I picked mountains. Here are a few random notes from my little adventure:

- I have amazing good luck. The very day I was driving to western NC, tornadoes were devastating parts of central and eastern NC. I did drive through the worst driving rain storm I’ve ever driven through for part of that day, but the sun came out later.

- There is music in the street in Asheville. I’m not sure I realized that till this visit.

- My delicious food-related pattern-breaking included: Carolina BBQ, spinach-and-brie omelette, Indian (specifically a curry chicken dish), sweet potato fries, meatloaf. No, that was not all in the same meal.

- Mountains can be therapeutic. There is a peace and majesty about them. Asheville sits in a bit of a valley, with a view of mountains in every direction.

- This was my 5th visit to Asheville but my first to the famous Biltmore Estate. Biltmore was the Vanderbilt’s 255-room ‘summer cottage,’ built at the end of the 1800s on an 8000+ acre property. It is in Asheville, but when you are on the grounds, there is no visible evidence that a city is anywhere near there.

- There is so much to say about Biltmore that I think I’ll save the rest for a Biltmore Randomness post.

- My friend Eliz in Asheville is as unique as her town. Seeing the town through her eyes enhances the experience.

- Asheville is poetic, funky, musical, southern, hippie (in a modern way), casual, artistic and random … just like me.