Good Reads

I love to share discoveries and to connect people. These are among the blogs I read regularly, some for their observations and some for the insight they provide into the lives of the writers. Some haven’t been updated in awhile, but they are still good reads. I encourage you to visit them.

In person blogger friends, who also happen to be among my best real life friends:
Still Learning About Me
An Unconventional Life

Virtual blogger friends, who I have exchanged comments and emails with but have never met in person:
When the Muse Strikes
A Mom and Her Crazy Ideas
The Boomer Chronicles
Give Me Cupcakes
And So I Write

This guy has a wicked sense of humor. I don’t know him but I know someone who does:
Inside the Mind of Anthony

Some of my other blogs, in case you haven’t visited lately. I just updated the poetry blog today.
Photo Bernie
Middletown Daily Photo


Linda V. said…
Thanks for the plug! Now I have to go post something! Love you!
Bernie said…
Yes, post something. I've known you a long time so I know you have things to say!! :)