Let’s Get Serious, People

Trump is a joke. He is arguably one of the most successful and knowledgeable business people of the past 30 years and could be positioning himself as a strong leader/manager with business experience that can get us through this economic mess. Yet he is wasting his time and ours trying to challenge President Obama’s birth certificate.

Yesterday Obama trumped bullshit with the truth and released a copy of the full certificate. Yet Trump continues to make noise about its authenticity. Get over it Donald! If you are serious about running for the most powerful elected office on the planet then get serious about issues. Otherwise you’re just Palin with a brain.

As a life-long Democrat, one part of me enjoys watching the Republicans finally taking their turn as the floundering party trying to figure out how to win a national election. But another side of me wants to see some serious contenders in the race. I think Obama is doing a decent job working with the hand he was dealt, but his job performance will always be better with serious opponents who express intelligent opposing viewpoints. And maybe there is someone in that party who could do better. But how the hell will we know if they spend all their time on non-essential crap?

Anyone who already writes off Obama as a one-term President should remember that a few years ago most people didn’t think he could win to begin with. Yes, he is vulnerable when it comes to re-election, but so were Reagan and Clinton.

It’s time to get serious. Otherwise our next Presidential election will play out like another season of American Idol, only with the fate of our country as the top prize.