Study Results Randomness

I am on several email lists from publishing companies who think I might want to interview their authors for one of my radio shows. I don’t. The shows are specifically related to local community issues and most of these interview ops relate to hyping a book or a study.

However, I do keep the interesting press releases for my own amusement … and for yours in this post.

- Between the sheets. Got one today about a book citing 10 tips for staying young. One of their tips for better health: have plenty of sex. One of the authors, a doctor, points out that “middle-aged men who have sex five times a week can lower the risk for prostate cancer by 33 percent, compared to those that have sex only five times a month.” I wonder if I can get him to write me a prescription. The other nine tips? Who cares?

- Relationships.  There is a new book citing misconceptions about men and women in today’s dating. The author points out that conventional wisdom leads women to believe “the only way to catch and keep a man is to manipulate him into new ways of thinking.” It’s hard to believe that any woman still believe this, but I know some that do; I’ve married a couple of them. One of the myths she addresses … “failures at love are failures in life.” I totally agree that is a myth.

- Move over burgers-and-fries … coffee is coming! A new study/survey/list shows that the top three chain restaurants in the USA now, for the first time, include two that do not sell burgers and fries. Burger King and Wendy’s have been replaced in the top three by Subway and (drum roll please) Starbucks! Of course, McDonald’s is still #1.

OK, that’s all for this round. If you see a pattern in my choices for this post, maybe you can write a book about it. Maybe I’ll get the press release from your agent and I’ll mention you in my blog.