Who Needs It Anyway?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Federal Government might shut down Friday. Who needs it anyway? Between 200,000 and 400,000 people out of work? So what? The Tea Party and other loudmouthed blowhards who are more interested in making a name for themselves than actually fixing the economy and out-of-control deficit don’t care. The extreme liberal side who want to cut spending a dollar or two at a time don’t care. Why should either side care? If the Fed shuts down, Congress members and the President still get paid!

Republicans always talk about making government smaller, so I guess if you shut it down, it definitely gets smaller. Hell, why start it up again? I wonder how much they’d save if those couple hundred thousand jobs just evaporated.

Democrats want to save program after program after program. That sounds good to me on one level but we all know there is an incredible amount of waste in those programs, meaning that even the well-intentioned social programs cost way more than they should to accomplish their goals.

Actually a government shutdown could be kind of nice for those of us who live near Washington. There would be a whole lot less traffic and Metro would be less crowded. True, the entire Smithsonian Institute’s sixteen museums and the National Zoo would be closed, but who needs all those tourists visiting the most incredible FREE display of history and heritage on the planet? The local economy would suffer without those visitors but Congress and the President don’t care … they’re still getting paid.

Just a little food for thought.