10 Random Things About Me

I saw a version of this on Facebook recently and used to see it a lot in the blogosphere. I did one two years ago but not since. Here are my answers (mostly different and longer than the last time). Post yours and tell me where I can see them.

- I love to laugh buy I rarely watch comedy TV shows

- I once met Gavin McLeod, the actor who played the Captain on Love Boat. I have a picture of him singing the Love Boat theme live on the radio with the DJs who were interviewing him.

- The older I get the more confident I get about every aspect of my life. I did not expect that to happen.

- I’ve played three musical instruments in my life, bass guitar, trombone and saxophone. Trombone was the only one I learned to play well and is the only one I no longer own.

- The musical instrument I really wanted to play, but never have, is piano.

- I have a borderline fear of flying. It began with a turbulent final approach once in the 1990s and got worse after 9/11. I’ve only flown three round trips since then. Back in the 80s I was on a plane 15 or 20 times a year.

- I love airplanes. Go figure. I go to air shows regularly, went to the First Flight Centennial Celebration at Kitty Hawk in 2003 and I often visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

- I make pretty good omelettes.

- I have an insatiable curiosity about the personal thoughts, feelings and actions of the lives of my closest friends, especially females. I think and sometimes ask inappropriate questions relating to gaining that knowledge. I can be trusted to keep their answers confidential. I’d answer those same questions about myself but I’m rarely asked.

- I remember how, where and when I met most of my closest friends, sometimes in scary great detail.

OK, your turn.