Choices and Travel

Today was a very odd day for me. I’ll share, knowing in advance that most of this won’t make a bit of sense to you.

I only worked for three hours today, partly because I worked a 15-hour day yesterday. I think I got a lot of work done yesterday because my day began at 3am and nobody bothered me with an email till after 10am. I should do that more often.

Outside of work issues, today I’m focused on the upcoming summer. Virtually everything in my original plan has changed. It’s one of those “one door closes, another opens” situations and, as you might expect, I can’t spell out all of the details. But here is some of it.

A friend who I was hoping would visit decided not to. I’m very sad about that but I accept the decision. Another friend who was possibly going to visit won’t but I might visit her instead, or at least have a dinner with her as part of another road trip. I have the opportunity to go to a convention in Seattle this summer but I’ll have to pay for it all myself. I might do that because I have a cousin in the Seattle area and another in Oregon and it would be great to visit them while I’m out there, if I go there. And I’ve been trying to organize a reunion of sorts in Milwaukee, with a target date in August. I don’t know it that will happen and if it does, I’m not sure I can go because I hope to be moving in either July or August.

Confused yet? Me too.

Sometimes I actually celebrate how odd my life can be. I haven’t decided if this is all cause for celebration yet. Sometimes I think my life is pretty boring but when I write/read this I realize I lead a pretty interesting life. I should never complain. I have opportunities most people never have. If I ever win one of those huge lottery jackpots, I will spend at least part of it helping other people to have interesting lives.

Anyway, I have choices and I am lucky and grateful for that. Just wanted to share.