Feeling Better Randomness

Taking action, changing patterns and accepting support from friends can ease depression and sadness. Here are a few random things from today that helped me feel better than I did when I posted my ‘depression’ post yesterday morning.

- Successful creativity puts a smile on my face. My actual job title is Creative Services Director and, as the name implies, it involves being creative. In my case, the creativity is found in commercials, promotional announcements and those sometimes-fun-sometimes-annoying short things that play between songs on music radio stations. I produced some pretty good ones today and gave myself a high-five over a couple of them.

- Yes I’m a geek. Didn’t you know that?

- Emotional support from two good friends goes a long way!

- Working out at the gym was helpful tonight. I used to avoid Mondays because it’s usually so crowded then, but I put on my take-no-shit attitude and plunged right in there. Had a great workout.

- Two nights of social activities in a row are coming up this week and I’m actually looking forward to them. One is a business meeting but awesome Italian food and OK wine are involved. The other is a regular every-couple-of-months dinner with a friend/former co-worker during which we chat about career stuff and, yes, food and wine are involved.

- The next three weeks will be an interesting mix of great stuff and crap. Fortunately tonight I am focusing on the great stuff, which includes insider access to two places I can’t really talk about yet, another food-and-wine adventure with a friend I don’t get to see nearly enough and an all-day music thing that involves both work and play.

The situations that led to my all-day depression meltdown yesterday are far from resolved, but something I learned a long time ago and re-learned with the help of a great email is this: “the chaos will settle down at some point. This too shall pass.” Great advice. I’m sure I’ve given it before and now I get to accept it too.