Interesting Odd Day Randomness

I had a pretty good day today. It might seem a bit odd to some, but those close to me know it was rather normal.

I wore a suit, which is not the norm for me. I would dress up for work every day if it was required, but it isn’t. My day started with me taking a picture of myself making a goofy face while dressed in the suit. I like the disparate combination and the friend I texted totally got it.

The meeting that led to the dress up was good on its own merits. I listened to representatives of numerous local non-profit organizations talk about their causes and how media organizations like mine can help them. This is the part of my job I do from the heart.

I returned to work earlier than expected and chose to keep my Out of Office turned on so nobody would add to my workload and I proceeded to begin a slow catch up on projects I’m behind on. People who needed to know knew I was in, but to everyone else I was unavailable. I actually made a dent in my “to do” list.

My homeward commute was less stressful than usual, except for two specific bikers I encounter around this time every year. I’ll talk about them in another post and explain why I won’t get on a motorcycle again and how disappointed I am that these particular bikers survive their bad driving behavior without serious injuries.

Dinner consisted of an awesome omelet. My omelet cooking has become very consistent. This tasty one included Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach and two cheeses.

Tonight’s wine selection was the zinfandel I purchased during my Sunday adventure (see the earlier post). It was one of the tastiest wines I’ve ever had and only cost a couple of dollars more than my usual wine choices. It was so tasty that I had three glasses of it. Then I wrote emails to two female friends but wisely chose to not hit “send”. It is so easy to misinterpret wine-infused emails.

And now I realize how tired I am, so I will post this then go to sleep. Have a good night. Thanks for visiting.