A Little Music Randomness

Blues is my favorite music; mostly contemporary blues rooted in the masters but with a modern twist, some electric guitar, a hot horn section and funky stories.

I also love country, rock, Motown-style R&B and songs that borrow from and combine unrelated genres.

If you try to learn something about me by setting my iPod to shuffle mode, you might encourage me to get a psyche evaluation; unless you are also able to make sense of Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Brad Paisley, B.B. King, Dave Matthews and Otis Redding back to back.

Some of my closest friends would be there with me, not just in the waiting room for support but also getting their own psyche evaluation. Eclectic music tastes unite us.

I also like classical music, mostly Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky.

I usually skip the ARTS channel when channel surfing. That’s the one that often shows classical music “videos”. I stopped on it this morning for the first time ever; and listened to and enjoyed Chopin, Strauss and Rimsky-Korsakov.

Expanding one’s musical horizons is a good thing. This summer I’ll be seeing Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and U2. I’m also trying to score tickets to Earth, Wind & Fire and Sade. One or two blues festivals are also on the horizon. I’m on the Kennedy Center email list too.

Watch this one … rockin soul with steel guitar and a message….