Memorial Weekend Randomness

Here are a few of my usual disconnected observations and thoughts going into the holiday weekend:

- Many people use Memorial Day and Veterans Day interchangeably. Each holiday does have a military connection but they’re not the same. Memorial Day honors those who died in the service of our country. Veterans Day primarily honors living veterans of military service. Either way, they are important holidays.

- Traffic sucks on Interstate highways at 5pm Friday going into a holiday weekend. I always expect it but it still sucks.

- My original weekend plans completely changed but I think I like the new ones even better.

- My regular gas station that was selling regular for $4.09/gallon two or three weeks ago now has it for $3.89. Going in the right direction!

- My gas grill is telepathic and is transmitting brain waves to me. The message is something like “free me from this shed and light me up.”

- Facebook seems to be experiencing difficulties as I’m writing this. Let me guess: 50 million Americans hit the “(name) is currently at (place)” feature at the same time. They’re probably all in the same traffic jam heading to the beach or Grandma’s house.

- You should listen to this song, even if you’ve heard it a hundred times. At one point in the 1990s, Miley Cyrus’s dad actually recorded an amazing song.

Enjoy the “first weekend of summer” but spend at least a few minutes thinking about the holiday’s original meaning.