A Nice Change In Routine

My original plan for today was quite boring ... laundry, coffee, straighten my home office, argue (don't ask), MAYBE take some pictures.  Last night I got an email reply from a friend I hadn't seen in a year.  She said some day soon we should do something we talked about a year ago: visit Middleburg, Virginia, which is about an hour from our respective towns (and about an hour outside of DC).  Soon hell, how about tomorrow?

So we spent a pleasant afternoon of food, wine, touristy stuff and conversation.  And I took a few pictures.

By the way, Middleburg is where the rich people live, including actor Robert Duvall.  There are massive horse farms in the area and several wineries.  We had lunch at an ourdoor restaurant in the middle of town, right before the Mother's Day rush, then walked around, stopped at a wine-tasting.

Later we stopped at another wine place on the way back.  Definitely a better afternoon than I had originally planned. 

I need more days like this.