Totally Random 5.6

Interesting dilemma … there are personal things I want to write about but, well, they’re personal so I won’t. And I’m having a pretty good week but I anticipate it turning bad by Friday. I don’t want to write about that either; I’ve already written my annual ‘depression’ post.

Soooo, what to write about?

- I had an awesome dinner tonight. Great food (grilled salmon on sautéed spinach with basmati rice and two glasses of tasty wine) and great company (a friend/former co-worker I meet for dinner every few months; she and I chat about the ups and downs of careers and life). My friends are a diverse collection but three things they seem to have in common with each other are me, music and talk. When this particular friend and I meet for dinner, it usually goes on for three hours. I’m happy for the wait staff that the place wasn’t crowded tonight.

- Gasoline is up to $4.05/gallon at my usual station and $3.97 at my two backups. I shouldn’t complain too much because the further you get into DC the higher the price gets – around $5/gallon at a couple of stations.

- This is going to be a great summer of music for me. Several country music shows (I get those tickets free but I have to work at two of them), a U2 concert in June (expensive but I bet it’ll be worth it), a blues festival in August (hot weather, hot blues – I’m in) and hopefully a few music adventures to a couple of smaller local blues/rock joints I go to sometimes.

- I have a doctor appointment this week and there are two more that I should have soon but keep putting off. I love doctors; I hate doctors. I never get sick so why do I now have a couple of medical issues? In my whole adult life I have probably taken less than a month’s worth of sick days and half of that was the result of a tumble down a flight of stairs.

- I order the same thing at the same Starbucks several days a week and now two of the baristas pour it for me as soon as they see me. I should learn their names.

OK, that’s enough randomness for tonight. Thanks for visiting.