Up Again

Remember back in the day when gasoline was “only” $3.99/gallon? Actually that day was last Thursday. Yesterday my regular place was suddenly $4.09/gallon.

And the oddest thing happened as a result. I posted a short quip about this price on my Facebook page and got more than 20 responses, a record for me. Actually most of them were a vicious political debate between two friends of mine, one very left and one very right. It reinforced my belief that politics is over-influencing our lives right now. Both of these friends are well-spoken and intelligent but both were quoting “facts” that, in my opinion, are based more on political banter than on actual fact. I don’t like to discredit people, especially people I know, but facts are a hard thing to come by these days, despite the incredible number of possible sources for facts.

I seek balance in most aspects of my life, including political debate. Sometimes that makes it seem that I have no opinion or belief myself. Hah! They’d/you’d be surprised. Someday soon I may spell it all out here. I’m usually on the left side of center but not on everything. More to follow.


Linda V. said…
I think you handled it very well, too. I agree with your assessment that both people were quoting political banter more than "facts" and I know for a fact that one of the people does not do independent fact-checking. I do. And it leads to quite heated "discussions" at home. Thank you for being diplomatic, and for being such a great friend!!!
Bernie said…
If it had been anyone but him I would have been less diplomatic. I respect his right to his opinion but what really scares me is that he gets so worked up over things he can't really control and that level of stress can't be healthy. I'm sure he is still struggling with career change issues and I hope he can learn to focus on moving that part of his life along. Best wishes to you both, my friend.