Bottom Chef

You’ve heard of the TV show Top Chef. I should start one called Bottom Chef. I am out of practice in many aspects of my life but the one I’ll mention here is cooking.

I’ve never been a great cook but I’ve been cooking for myself since I was 19 so I know how to cook the basics. For the past few years I’ve been attempting some new tastes and new recipes. Many of the recipes are ridiculous, wrong, too complicated or too simple. A good cook can improvise or make corrections on the fly. Tonight I was successful with that strategy.

Dinner was Risotto Primavera. The recipe has at least two mistakes, one relating to quantity and the other involves timing. I was able to improvise just enough to make it all turn out OK. And there is enough leftover for two more meals, which is my usual weekend cooking strategy.

Tomorrow I attack my gas grill. I’ve actually been getting better at that and I’ll try something a little different tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain.