A Long One

Summer officially begins at 1:16 PM EDT today (that’s 17:16 UTC for my European readers).

I was about to tell you that today is the longest day of the year but when I looked up the sunrise and sunset times for my area I discovered that tomorrow is a minute longer. OK, it is still only 24 hours long but there is more daylight in the Northern Hemisphere tomorrow than on any other day of the year … and less in the Southern Hemisphere (G’day Mate, Happy Winter).

Specifically, tomorrow is 14 hours 52 minutes long here. Local sunset is at 8:35 PM, which means the opening act at the U2 concert in Baltimore will be done by then and U2 should be taking the stage right as sun goes down. That should make an awesome picture for somebody … not me because the only camera I’ll be able to get into that stadium is my pocket-size Canon. At least it’ll be a better shot than with my cell phone and I promise my U2 fan friends that I won’t let the battery die before the show like I did at Dave Matthews last year.

The sun has been up for two hours but I haven’t seen it yet because it is cloudy and drizzly here this morning. But the TV weather guy says we should see sun early this afternoon, maybe by 1:16. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Meteorological synergy. Or should I say sunergy?