Personal Randomness

Even though there is still a lot of crap in my life, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. By “lately” I mean the past week. Sometimes I really do celebrate the little things in life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m pretty sure it isn’t a train.

I completely changed my summer vacation plans. There were no long road trips in either my original plan or my new one, but there will be some beach time in the new one. I usually avoid popular beaches in the middle of the crazy, over-crowded summer beach season but for a few days this year I’ll dive right in. It’s part of that pattern-changing I’ve been writing about this year.

I bought an awesome Cannondale hybrid bike more than fifteen years ago. Prior to this weekend I had only been on it once in the past ten years or more. Funny how some interests just go away but then come back. Yesterday I brought the bike down from the attic, cleaned it up, inflated the tires and took it for a spin in my driveway. All of that was prelude to a planned ride in a nearby park today but I decided in my driveway that my balance sucks even more now than years ago and I better practice some more before I go anywhere on that thing.

I often have an energetic, imaginative, barrier-breaking attitude about life. I often have a serious, boring lazy attitude about life. Finding the right balance of those two disparate personality characteristics can be very tiring.