Gas prices are down. Woohoo!! Just in time for the holiday weekend. I won’t be going anywhere this weekend but it’s still nice to see prices way down.

This evening I had my last workout at the gym before surgery. I’ll talk about the surgery in another post later. Instructions from the doc say don’t do anything strenuous for at least a week after the surgery. Too bad because all this working out stuff is finally starting to show a little and I’m going to the beach a few weeks later. Of course I won’t be trying to impress anyone with my workout results but it would still be nice to look good with my shirt off at a beach. I’ll probably be able to get in a few workouts before then.

I’m still telling people how great that U2 concert was last week. I downloaded a few U2 songs I didn’t already have the other night. Great group!

My favorite blues band is back in town in a few weeks but this time it’s on a weeknight. Tough choice about whether to go or not. Hard to pass up though.

Spell check and grammar check tell me two of the three sentences in the previous paragraph are incomplete. Is that bad grammar or good style?

If you get a chance, visit my friend Eliz’s blog. She wrote an interesting and somewhat inspiring post today.

I can’t believe July starts in two days. Time is flying by at the same time my life is temporarily dragging. The balance is wrong. Must fix it.

OK, that’s all I got tonight. <--- more bad grammar??