Totally Ransom 6.1

I passed up a "Slurpee break" invite this afternoon. The 7 Eleven is only a block from the office but I just didn't want to walk out in that heat again - had already done that for lunch. So I poured a hot coffee instead … at 4 PM. What was I thinking?

My favorite typo this week … co-worker Josh is scheduling a little happy hour thing at a local watering hole. He intended to type "drinks at Growlers" but, well, the "i" and "u" keys are adjacent and he missed. It came out "drunks at Growlers." Probably more accurate anyway.

Yes, this post is part of my 'random' series.  The typo in the title is intentional.

Sarah P and Donald T having lunch together this week seemed more like a SNL skit than reality. The thought of either of them seriously considering a run for top dog of the free world is scary, but less so than the possibility that either could win. I’m no Republican but I’m pretty sure that neither of them represents the middle of the right and it’s the middle that wins elections.

I make commercials for a living. I wish I had made this one. Very clever. Enjoy.