Cut the Crap

Every time I read some Facebook comment claiming that opening up domestic oil drilling will solve the country’s energy crisis I get pissed. That is NOT the solution. To be fair, I also get pissed when I see comments claiming that electric cars will end the energy crisis too. That isn’t the solution either. Doesn’t it take energy to produce that electricity? It seems to me that the solution lies in a combination of those AND other factors. Maybe the beginning of the solution is to open up some of the drilling rights at the same time as funding more research into alternatives.

All of it comes down to politics, doesn’t it?

Same thing with the budget, deficit and debt ceiling debates currently making news. Dems and Repubs at it again, defending their respective party lines instead of finding a balance of solutions. Mr. President, we don’t want new taxes. Mr. Speaker, we don’t want to cut important social programs and we do want to fund necessary infrastructure initiatives relating to health care, education and transportation, three things that go hand-in-hand with jobs and the well-being of our citizens.

Many of these financial issues could be solved by cutting out the crap. I refer to those projects that get slipped into House and Senate bills with earmarks that send money back to states and congressional districts to fund truly useless projects like the $1.8 million museum for a Las Vegas museum for burned out neon signs or the half-million dollar NIH study of male prostitutes in Vietnam (both of those were in the 2010 Federal budget according to at least one web site) . And the bureaucracy it seems to take to help those truly in need. Welfare is not the problem; abuse of the system is the problem. Make it more advantageous for people to learn how to get out of that trap and fewer people will need those services to begin with and those that do will need less and for a shorter time.

Those are simple solutions to complicated problems. The real solutions might be more complex but we have to start somewhere, don’t we? Political bickering will NOT solve anything. My message to elected “leaders”: cut the crap. I am a registered voter and I vote in EVERY election. I’m not the only one. It’s time for Congress and the President to remember that.

Oh, and speaking of crap … isn’t there research out there that says burning crap is a possible source of energy? Just sayin’.