Do People Still Read Books?

I went to the first weekend of the Border’s Books going-out-of-business sale Saturday. Yes, it’s true, they are closing, some time in September, all stores and online.

If you need proof that people still read books made of paper, go to this sale. The only time this particular Borders has ever been this crowded was when new Harry Potter books came out. The checkout line stretched to the back of the store then across a few more aisles. Surprisingly, it only took twenty minutes to get to the register.

Countless stories and my own observations made it seem like nobody has time to read any more and when they do read, it is usually online or on a digital device like a Kindle or a Nook. But the hundred or more people I stood in line with were buying books … all kinds, paperback, hardback, magazines, every topic. Music and DVDs are also on sale but those were not selling as well.

The ad that alerted me to this sad event and sale claimed up to 40% off. There were a few items with that discount but the average discount on most shelves was either 10% or 20%. Deep discounts should be the norm by late August but the selection will probably be much smaller by then. I’ll let you know because I’m sure I’ll go back.

Some experts give the Harry Potter series partial credit for the resurgence in reading. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m happy to see the increased interest, whatever the reason.

So what did I buy? Two books about Italy, one about Native American culture, three magazines about the Southwest, a hiking guide and Christopher Moore’s “Fool.” I bet my shopping cart has more books than that next time.


elizinashe said…
I may not read much but I do like a real book as opposed to a 'digital' advice. scoring 'Fool' will be a bargin indeed! it's a fabulous read! sad to see a bookstore close....I'm afraid that's it's a sign of things to come. welcome to the digital world, goodbye paper....