Keith and Jake … Awesome

Keith Urban has everything a music superstar needs: good looks for the ladies but men like him too, for completely different reasons, he’s a great songwriter, awesome guitarist, a showman, friendly and sincere, puts on a rocking show and changes it up every year so it’s fresh each time you see him. His genre is country but he rocks it. He also does ballads and has a smoking hot wife for love song inspiration (actress Nicole Kidman)

I saw him tonight for the third time. This year’s tour focuses on audience participation in a unique way. He gets out into the audience several times, with minimal security, he brings people up on stage, once to have a picture taken and another time to have three different fans sing along with him (karaoke with 15,000 people cheering them on).

His opening act this time was Jake Owen, a successful but lesser know country singer, who is also very engaging with the audience.

Here two songs from Keith and one from Jake. Google them and find some others. You’ll like them all.