A ‘not guilty’ verdict does not necessarily mean she is innocent.

I did not pay that much attention to the Casey Anthony trial because, well, I didn’t/don’t really care. But nearly everyone in my office did follow it; in fact we ended a meeting early today so we could watch the verdict live on CNN. Even though I don’t care, I do have some opinions and observations. Shocker, I know.

The jury found her ‘not guilty’ on the serious charges relating to whether or not she killed her daughter. That does not mean she is innocent, it does mean the evidence did not completely support the charges. It was probably a ‘reasonable doubt’ situation. The jury was not completely sure, based on the evidence. Sure, it looked like she did it and even if she didn’t, there are mysterious and contradictory circumstances surrounding the death.

My lack of interest stems mostly from my observation that this whole case played out more like a bad reality TV series or a Jerry Springer show. It reminded me and others of the O.J. trial a few years ago.

The story line now seems that the child drowned by accident and the family panicked and tried to make it look like a murder. The Dad participated in the cover up … the Dad who is a former cop and should have known better. That Dad has also been painted as the molester of Casey, a charge which he denies.

Casey didn’t report the “missing” daughter for a long time and did party and “hook up” two nights later. That behavior makes her appear to be guilty but does not prove anything. Even her own lawyer said she was a liar but that being a liar does not make her a killer.

There is more to this story but if you’ve been following along, you already know more than I do. If you don’t care, then I leave you with this one observation. An advertising slogan used to promote the Law & Order series says “ripped from the headlines,” indicating that their story lines mimic real police and court events. If the Casey Anthony trial was to be advertised, the slogan could read “ripped from the Law & Order script book.” It makes me sad to see these lines so blurred.