Skin Update

Today I had my one-week follow-up doctor visit regarding my skin cancer surgery. The incision is healing, closed up actually, and my new set of bandages is much smaller. If the bandages don’t come off on their own by next Thursday I can remove them myself. The scar might take a year to go away but this particular surgeon did a great job minimizing the cosmetic effects of the cut and after some minor swelling goes down the scar will be barely visible; that might take another couple of weeks.

All surgery is serious, as is all cancer, but this whole experience was relatively routine. It does give me an even greater appreciation for what people endure with more serious medical conditions. Health is very important to me and I have very few bad health habits. People live forever in my family so I plan to be around for a long time; I don’t want preventable health issues to get in the way of that.


What skin cancer is that? Basal cell carcinoma?