One of my recurring themes on this blog involves talking about people who chase their dreams. I just found a former co-worker’s blog in which she chronicles her current summer adventure on a grad school research project in Bali. That’s a big change from selling commercials on radio stations, which is what she was doing when we worked together. It was obvious from conversations we had at the time that she had other plans for her life and I’m happy to see her making progress. This could be an inspiration to other friends of mine who are making transitions in their lives.

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Other transitions among my circle of friends:

- Quality Control Specialist to Pet-Sitting Service Owner and animal rescue volunteer
- Telecomm Consultant to community volunteer and radio talk show host
- Bartender to Psyche Tech to Nurse
- Hydro engineer to writer

I collect dreamers. Makes sense because I’m one myself (Sporting Goods Salesman to Radio DJ)