Music Randomness 1.2

Great movie sight gag … in the first few minutes of Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s character’s band auditions for a high school talent show, playing a horrible version of a Huey Lewis & the News song. A very nerdy judge stops them and rejects them for the show. The nerdy judge is actually Huey Lewis.

Timing is everything and maybe so is fate. Right before that stage crash at the Indiana State Fair last week, singer Sara Bareilles had just finished her performance and was safely off the stage. Sugarland was doing their pre-show prayer circle ritual when their manager had a feeling about the looming storms and walked them away from the stage to ride it out. Just over a minute later, the unpredictable wind gust blew through and knocked the whole stage over, killing six people.

I stopped on the Classical Arts channel for 10 minutes this morning. Heard part of Dvorak’s Symphony #9. Very relaxing.

Funny sentence from an actress … when Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s daughter actress Liv Tyler was filming Armageddon, producers were looking for a song and performance to go with the soundtrack. She told them something like, “well, my Dad has a band.”

Two years ago this month, Michelle Branch was taking a detour from pop music to country and visited my work. She is back to pop now.