A Random Day at Work

Even though I work at radio stations, most days are fairly predictable and are somewhat the same from one to the next. But some days, like today, are oddly random.

And I happened to have my camera with me, so here are a few moments in my day today.

The fire alarm went off around 9:30 and we had to evacuate the building. That means six floors down the stairs. The fire department did show up but whatever set off the alarm was handled quickly and by 10 am we were climbing back up the six flights of steps to my office area.

This is my life every morning … coffee and audio editing.

I ended my day by meeting a friend for dinner in downtown DC. While we were on our cell phones trying to figure out where each of us was, our conversation was interrupted by blaring sirens and a sudden street blockade for vehicles and pedestrians. If you live around DC for awhile you know instantly the President is on the move. And you never know which vehicle he is actually in but you can be sure it is not one of the twenty police motorcycles.

We finally found each other and went to this Mexican restaurant. My reason for choosing this one was to check out the rooftop bar but it was too hot to eat outdoors, so we opted for a table in the air conditioned area. We did go upstairs to look it over before leaving. I’ll go there again, when it’s cooler.

And now I’m home. My dogs are so relaxed they didn’t even bark when I arrived.

Although my day was quite random I actually wish every day was this uniquely random.