Self Discovery Update

If you’ve been following along on my two-and-a-half year self-discovery journey, you know one of my goals is to live more in the present. Companion goals include less over-thinking and more living on my agenda and not that of other people. I’ve made huge progress on all of those issues but I’m laughing at myself tonight.

I was offered a free trip to an amazing multi-artist music festival in Vegas as compensation for a company project (the one I mentioned a few posts ago). The ‘me’ I want to be would have RSVPd “yes” in ten seconds. The ‘still not quite there yet me’, however, thought about it, talked it over with two other people, thought some more and finally, after ten hours instead of ten seconds, said yes to the opportunity.

There are factors I can’t really talk about here that made the decision more complicated than it had to be and I’ll give myself credit for thinking through some of them. One relates to a work schedule conflict but my boss gave me the OK to work around that. Other personal matters will result in the likelihood that I’ll take this trip alone, which is ridiculous because if you know me in real life you know I want to share experiences like this.

One factor that made it easier to say yes to the trip is that I’ll know some people there, some of my work peers who I know online or on the phone but whom I rarely see or in some cases have never met. The company president will be there. Maybe I’ll hang out with him … in some parallel universe. Actually I might meet him for 30 seconds. Whatever.

So I wonder if there is truth to that line ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ The only thing that happened last time I was there did stay there … my money.