Stormy Randomness

Heard this while channel surfing: “… it’s huge! She’s coming. Keep watching, as we stay on top of Irene …”

Hey, that was the Weather Channel not a porn channel.

I live about 50 miles northwest of Washington DC and will be feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene tonight. It’ll mostly be rain and some wind gusts; nothing like what they are experiencing along the Atlantic coast.

What goes better with a hurricane … Chianti Classico or Rioja? An expert advised me to try both, so I started with the Chanti.

I am fascinated with storms, especially hurricanes. Considering the negative impact hurricanes have had on my Louisiana family I should feel guilty, but I don’t. Fascination does not mean I wish harm on anybody. I just happen to be impressed with the power of hurricanes and tornados.

I respect that power too.

Speaking of power, I might lose mine tonight. I think I lost electricity for six hours during Isabel a few years ago. I am mostly prepared (see wine comment above).

I have well and septic on my property. If the power goes out, the well pump doesn’t work. I have stored water for drinking and water for flushing. But not enough for a shower, so I’ll go take one now.