Totally Random 6.2

Looking for something to write tonight. Nothing especially in my head. The work week starts again tomorrow but I was at work today for about four hours, catching up on some things in the distraction-free environment of Sunday, so I guess it really stared today for me.

- Went shopping yesterday. I’m one of the few men I know who actually likes shopping, but I am very focused. I got exactly what I went in for with none of the decision stress of my outlet mall shopping venture a few weeks ago.

- Photography is one of my passions but I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly taken any pictures, except for the Tim McGraw shots from last week.

- Two or three trips coming up between now and the end of October. One to Vegas for that music festival, one to L.A. for a union committee meeting and a possible couple of days in North Carolina to shoot fall color pics. If the NC trip happens, that’ll be the only one I’m paying for. It’s nice that the other two are covered – first time in several years that that’s happened. Did I ever tell you good luck follows me around?

- Speaking of free, I did a little timely begging recently and came up with free tickets to a local Major League Baseball game. Not just any tickets, but exclusive club section tickets; not just two but four. One of my guests is an old friend and her husband. I haven’t seen the friend in more than twenty years and I’ve never met her husband.

- Do you ever look at the calendar and wonder aloud, “How is it already (insert today’s date here)? Wasn’t is just (insert a date eight months ago here) yesterday?”

- Three of my favorite cities regularly have music in the streets … New Orleans, Washington DC and Asheville NC.

That’s all for tonight. I guess I had more in my head than I thought. Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment.